Malaysia: Mass Valentines Day Wedding

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Malaysia: Mass Valentines Day Wedding
Mon 17-02-2014

138 couples took part in a mass wedding in Malaysia on Valentines Day.

Malaysia's large Muslim population, estimated to be about %60 of ethnic Malays, hates Valentine Day.

"Social ceremonies such as this are a stepping-stone towards greater social ills such as fraud, mental disorder caused by alcohol, abortion and baby-dumping, and other negative ills that can invite disaster and moral decay among youths," the Malaysian Islamic Development Department said in a statement.

Malaysia's non-Muslims, who are mostly Chinese, obviously don't agree with the Islamic Department's sentiment. They had a mass public wedding at the Thean Hou temple in Kuala Lumpur, releasing "scores of red, heart-shaped balloons after the ceremony," AFP reported.

The wedding-goers said that it was a coincidence that the ceremony took place on Valentines Day, claiming that it simply overlapped with another holiday, Chap Goh Mei, the Chinese Lantern Festival.

The Valentines Day panic is yet another illustration of Malaysia's increasing intolerance for all things deemed morally inexcusable by the country's Muslim community.