Man Creates Wedding Picture in Corn Field

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Man Creates Wedding Picture in Corn Field
Wed 23-10-2013

Phil Derthick, 72, from Ohio took an unconventional approach when it came to a golden anniversary gift, surprising his bride of 50 years with 17 acres of golden corn carved into a maze outlining their wedding portrait.

"He did it with the kids. They kept it a secret," Marie Derthick, of Mantua, Ohio, told of her husband’s elaborate plan.

Phil  and Marie have been hosting corn mazes for the past 7 years at their 181-acre farm.

Once the initial shock of her 17-acre face wore off, Marie Derthick admitted that the maze, designed to include their wedding portrait, the church where they were married and her husband’s favorite antique tractor, is definitely her favorite of all their cornfield creations.

"I was surprised, because they put it together very nicely with the church where we were married at the top, and our wedding picture of the two of us in the middle and the old tractor at the bottom," she said.

The personalized corn field, which shockingly only took the design and cutting team, Maze Play, one day to construct, has 3 different mazes, the longest measuring 4.4 miles covering the Derthicks’ faces and the church.