Man Divorces Cheating Wife One Day After Their Wedding

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Man Divorces Cheating Wife One Day After Their Wedding
Mon 07-10-2013

A man from Hwange, Zimbabwe reportedly divorced his wife a day after their wedding.

After an envelope with graphic pictures of his new wife in the arms of another man were sent to him by an anonymous person.

The wife confessed of cheating with her ex boyfriend 2 weeks before her wedding, and he was the one who everyone suspected were sent her husband the pictures.

News reported: "He did not want her to get married because they have been seeing each other since 2008. I strongly suspect it was a way of getting back at her for going ahead with the wedding. But that kind of behavior is very selfish. Look at what she has lost."

"I am done with her. I was busy preparing for the wedding when she was doing this. Her relatives have tried to change my mind but I won’t," the groom said. 

"There is no way I can live with her so I want to formalize the divorce."