Man Jumps From Car to Avoid Fighting With Girlfriend

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Man Jumps From Car to Avoid Fighting With Girlfriend
Mon 28-07-2014

A man from Washington was really tired of arguments with his girlfriend. So tired that he jumped out of a moving car to avoid another fight!

A police officer saw a man jump out of the passenger seat of a moving car. The car drove into a parking lot and, the officer then turned on his lights, police said. The car, though, accelerated. 

The car went back out into the street, and then man who jumped from the car dove back into the car through the passenger window. The man tried to wrestle the driver for control of the wheel. 

The driver pulled into a parking lot where she stopped, police said. Officers, however, had to eventually drag the driver from her car to make the arrest.

According to charging documents, the man told police he first jumped out of the car because he didn't want to argue with his girlfriend anymore.