Man Kills 5th Wife and Commits Suicide to Avoid Another Divorce

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Man Kills 5th Wife and Commits Suicide to Avoid Another Divorce
Sun 31-08-2014

A 72 year old man identified as Chauffeur Terence Kirby has murdered his fifth wife with a pillow and then killed himself as he struggled to cope with another divorce.

Mr. Terence Kirby and his wife, Myrna, 57, were found dead at their home in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, by their son, Freddie, at least 48 hours after their deaths.

Mr Kirby, who had suffered depression and alcohol abuse in the months before he died, had lived apart from his wife of 30 years for two years.

Senior Hertfordshire coroner Edward Thomas heard that Mrs Kirby, a carer and regular churchgoer, had filed for divorce in October 2012, three months before her and her husband's bodies were found.

Mr Kirby was admitted to Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield for treatment for depression.  He was regularly visited by his wife, and discharged in December 2012, two days before Christmas, to be cared for at home by his wife and community mental health workers.

Freddie last heard from his mother on January 7 2013, and found their bodies at home four days later when he could not reach his mother by phone.

Philippines-born Mrs Kirby, who lived in nearby Waltham Cross, was found in bed with a pillow over her head, while her husband was dead in another room.

Michael Walker, consultant psychiatrist, told the coroner at the inquest in Hatfield that Mr Kirby was referred to him in November 2012 after telling his GP he felt suicidal, despite having no previous mental health problems.

'He had thoughts of hanging himself or a drug overdose, and it seemed to be because of the divorce,' he said.

'He was drinking at a harmful level, much more than is recommended, and he was felt to be a risk. He talked about a rope and knives.'

After Mr Kirby had been admitted to hospital, his wife told his doctors 'she could be scared of him when he shouted at her when he was drinking alcohol', the coroner said.

Mr Thomas added: 'She said that there had been ups and downs, and he could become very abusive and call her names, but they would get back together because she loved him.'