Man Makes Wedding Ring Out Of a Coin

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Man Makes Wedding Ring Out Of a Coin
Sun 24-02-2013

Huffington Post reported that Michigan web designer Richard Crawford decided to make his fiancé and his own wedding ring out of a coin.

Crawford posted photos and step-by-step instructions for the wedding band he made out of a Canadian quarter to Imgur Saturday. He told HuffPost Weddings he had never done any sort of metal working before.

He said he chose to make the ring out of a Canadian quarter because his fiancé, elementary school teacher Sarah Bontinen, is Canadian. After drilling a hole in the coin, he used a tool made out of a hammer and spoon to tap the edge of the coin down until it was the correct width.

He then used a rotary tool to enlarge the hole, and sanded the entire ring to give it a shiny finish.

Although he had originally wanted the ring to be a surprise, he decided to tell Bontinen before he started working because he figured she'd get suspicious after hearing a metallic tapping noise for hours a day.

Before the two marry around the end of the year, he plans to create his own wedding band out of a British silver shilling since he originally hails from Scotland.