Man Makes Wife's Dream Of White Christmas True

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Man Makes Wife's Dream Of White Christmas True
Sat 02-01-2016

Kourtney Smithson has always dreamed of a white Christmas, but December snow is rare in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

“The last time it snowed around Christmas, it was 2010, but I was living in Florida,” Smithson told BuzzFeed Life. “Before that, it hadn’t snowed on Christmas Day since the early 90s, so I didn’t remember or experience it.”

This year, Richmond, like much of the country, was ridiculously hot on Christmas.

When Kourtney heard on Thanksgiving that the Christmas temperature was going to be in the 70s, she asked Trevor, her husband of three months, they could travel someplace snowy next year. She says Trevor didn’t really react.

Instead, Trevor, who happens to be a special effects technician for TV and movies, created a fake snow surprise for Kourtney.

Trevor rented an industrial air compressor a few days before Christmas to prepare for the big reveal.

After they exchanged gifts in the morning, he told Kourtney he needed to work on something outside. “He’s always working on something outside, so I didn’t suspect anything,” Kourtney said. She went to the kitchen in the back of their house while he set up the machine.

Trevor summoned Kourtney outside and had her flip the switch on the air compressor to create her ultimate Christmas present.


Kourtney was thrilled. “Oh my God, you’re giving me a white Christmas!” she said when she saw the fake snow come spraying out.

Even though it looks like the real deal, the “snow” isn’t frozen at all. It’s a plant-friendly detergent, which held up well in the 75-degree weather.

They sprayed a couple of inches on their yard — enough for them to make snow angels and throw snowballs at each other.

“It felt like a bubble bath,” Kourtney said. “It was a thick soap, it smelled really good, but we were pretty disgusting by the end of the day.”

The added attention surprised Trevor. “I did this with the sole intent of giving her a cool, white Christmas, and for her family to come hang out with us and get the day started in a more festive way,” he said.

Source: Buzzfeed