Man Murders Wife as a Birthday Present to Himself

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Man Murders Wife as a Birthday Present to Himself
Fri 24-01-2014

A 32 year old man from Las Vegas recruited a hitman to murder his wife on his own birthday. It was to be a gift for himself.

Jorge Victorino-Vazquez's plan backfired when he asked an acquaintance if he knew any hitman. The other man informed the authorities.

An undercover officer who pretended to be a hitman struck a deal with the husband. The officer asked for $2,000 to carry out the job, to be paid in two equal installments. The husband wanted the 'hitman' to break into the house in the dead of night, beat him up, kill his wife and steal some valuables from his house to make it look like a robbery.

The day the husband went to pay the hitman, he was arrested by the police officials for plotting his wife's murder.

The husband told the police that he wanted to get his wife out of his life permanently because she was allegedly cheating on him while she was living off him.