Man Proposes with 1,001 Hot Dogs!

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Man Proposes with 1,001 Hot Dogs!
Sun 24-08-2014

A man in China pulled out all of the stops to make sure his marriage proposal was really unique.

According to People, the proposal idea was the idea of 28-year-old Wang Han. Since he had met his beloved, Zhen Juan Kang, at a hot dog shop in Thailand, he thought incorporating hot dogs into his proposal plans would really cut the mustard.

After gaining the support of a local sponsor, he ordered 1,001 hot dogs. The number was symbolic because that was the number of days since he and Kang had met.

The large quantity of pre-packaged hot dogs were arranged to spell out the word, “love.” 

Kang said yes. They celebrated their engagement by eating, what else, hot dogs.