Man Sells Ex-Fiancé's Honeymoon Tickets

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Man Sells Ex-Fiancé's Honeymoon Tickets
Fri 23-01-2015

A guy has had a unique idea to get rid of honeymoon tickets left to him by his now ex  when she left him with no one to go on honeymoon with.

Having tried and failed to get his money back from the travel company, John Whitbread decided to find someone to go with on eBay!

With none of his pals obviously available to go with him on the holiday to the Dominican Republic, John decided to auction his ex-fiancé's place on the site.

"#girlfromthepublictodominicanrepublic" and with the promise of free postage and packaging. John used the image space to not only post a picture of himself but to explain what exactly is on offer.

And in a description, John explained that an "unexpected 'dumping' occurred", leaving him to take "drastic actions". However, John doesn't seem to be too upset with his former flame's decision to leave him as he went on to comment: "I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m in this position? My ex fiance has decided that she doesn’t love me anymore. So I can only respect her honesty. I’m not bitter and you just have to move on with life. I’ve worked hard for this holiday and hate to see money go to waste."

A holiday with a complete stranger doesn't sound too appealing, but John put forward the best reasons to bid for the spot. He said: "I am offering a once in a lifetime opportunity, one to tell the grandkids, an adventure of a lifetime."