Man Sues Wife for Sharing Honeymoon Pictures

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Man Sues Wife for Sharing Honeymoon Pictures
Wed 20-08-2014

A newly married couple from Naples, Italy is already facing irreconcilable differences over their honeymoon pictures which the wife shared on Facebook.

They’re not getting divorced, but when the husband wasn’t able to convince his new wife to remove the offending pictures, he sued her to have them removed.

The Facebook photos depict the couple “hugging and kissing” on their honeymoon according to Independent, and the man’s lawsuit claims the photos were shared “without his permission.”

The wife’s defense attorney counters that the privacy settings on the photos mean they’re not really accessible to the public. “The use of social networks is now so advanced that we can consider a Facebook wall to be not unlike a private photo album,” her attorney said.

However a judge has sided with the husband. Citing a 1941 ruling that images of people cannot be printed or reproduced without their consent, the judge rejected the wife’s claim that changing technology has made this law irrelevant.

The judge ruled that the honeymoon pictures must be removed, and the wife may even have to pay the husband damages.