Man Surprises His Fiancé with a Wedding

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Man Surprises His Fiancé with a Wedding
Mon 10-03-2014

Carly Butler from Windsor, Canada, hadn't seen fiancé Adam for 6 months while she had been to London to retrace her grandma's steps, when she returned she thought they were having an engagement party, but really it was their wedding day!

While Carly had been away Adam had arranged everything including picking a wedding dress and inviting all their friends and family

Adam, handed her a letter revealing that he'd arranged their entire wedding day in secret and that it was taking place later that very day.

Canadian spends six months recreating her grandmother's daily life in London based on love letters she sent across the Atlantic during World War Two.

"Good morning gorgeous, this letter is different than all the other letters I have written to you..." it began.

"For the last few months I've been planning an engagement party with several people, mainly your mama, to allow all of your friends and family to see us together engaged - but what I am trying to tell you is today is not our engagement party, it is our wedding."