Man Tried to Kill MBC Presenter Ghada Al Ali for Ignoring Tweets

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Man Tried to Kill MBC Presenter Ghada Al Ali for Ignoring Tweets
Tue 31-12-2013

A man was caught by the police after trying to kill Saudi presenter Ghada Al Ali.

Man armed with a gun stormed the MBC FM office to kill female presenter Ghada Al Ali.

The reason behind this was because Ghada was ignoring his Twitter messages to her!

"I can’t believe that it would reach a murder or a threat to kill…I receive many messages on my Twitter page but I am sorry that I can’t respond to all," Al Ali said on her Twitter account just hours after she was told about the attack.

"He was masked and waited for us to enter the locked gates to come in," said Yasser Al Shammari, a broadcaster at MBC, one of the largest Arab TV establishments.

"He then turned to me and asked me about Ghada Al Ali…when I saw the gun in his hand, I asked him what he wanted her for…he replied angrily that he wants to kill her."

Yasser Al Shammari said he lied to the man when he told him Ghada Al Ali’s office is in the 2nd floor as she was in the 1st floor studio. He said the man then hurried upstairs while he and other staff members phoned the security guards and police.

"When he did not find her upstairs, he ran down to the first floor…as he was coming down, police and MBC guards rushed in…he fled to the top of the building and threatened to kill himself, saying he was sick," Yasser Al Shammari said.

"Police spent nearly half an hour talking to him to dissuade him from ending his life…he later surrendered without resistance and was taken away by the police."