Marriage Advice in 3 Words Hashtag Goes Viral

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Marriage Advice in 3 Words Hashtag Goes Viral
Fri 18-09-2015

A new Twitter hashtag which emerged yesterday inviting people to share their '#MarriageAdviceIn3Words' demanded a concise response to some marriage tips.

More than 1,500 social media users took up the challenge within 24 hours, and their snappy suggestions ranged from the profound and the practical to the amusing and the bizarre.

A handful of celebrities even waded in to join the popular discussion, with two revealing their advice during an appearance on Comedy Central.

American fashion designer Kenneth Cole clearly knew what he was talking about when he tweeted: 'Apologize with shoes.'

'Wife's always right,' one read. 

'You're right honey' and 'she always wins', read two others.

Another common piece of advice was to 'marry your friend' and to 'laugh together often'.

'No hot nannies', advised one user, while another simply suggested: 'Don't ever cheat!'

Source: Daily Mail