Marriage Foundation Research: "Celebrity Marriages Don't Last"

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Marriage Foundation Research: "Celebrity Marriages Don't Last"
Mon 26-11-2012

According to the Marriage Foundation, celebrity marriages are twice as likely to end in divorce compared to the rest of the UK’s married population.

The report by the Marriage Foundation highlights the soaring divorce rate for famous couples and criticizes celebrity magazines for giving ordinary people ‘fairy tale’ expectations about marriage and relationships.

According to the Marriage Foundation’s latest report, celebrities are less happy than the rest of us!
But it’s effecting the expectations ordinary people have about marriage and indeed how they get married.

The study says that after 10 years of marriage, the divorce rate for celebrities is 40%, compared to just 20% of those not in the public eye.

The Marriage Foundation examined 572 well-known celebrity couples who have married since the year 2000 and found a 5th ended in divorce within the 4 years against just 1 in 20 of all wedded couples.

Celebrities are very focused on the now and the big splash of the wedding and also the big split-up that gets reported, whereas actually the deal in relationship is very much thinking about future.

But the report also warns that couples, especially young ones should not try to emulate lavish weddings of the stars, if they want to have marital success.