Marry Me - 11.11.11

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Marry Me - 11.11.11
Wed 09-11-2011


Many weddings around the world are taking place on Friday 11.11.11 which is considered one of the luckiest days of the century. A wedding held on 11.11.11 promises love, good fortune and luck for the happy couple! Some hotel chains and wedding halls have been promoting special wedding packages for this day and organizing contests. The Crowne Plaza Hotel in New York, for example, asked couples across the US to write in saying why they are lucky in love as part of their “Marry Me 11.11.11” contest. Over 600 couples shared their love story for a chance to win, with 10 other couples, a romantic wedding in New York City. Over 3,500 couples have applied for marriage licenses on 11.11.11 in Las Vegas, a popular wedding destination in the US. According to David’s Bridal, a popular wedding gown retailer in the US, over 57,000 couples are getting married on the 11th of November. And back here in the Arab World, hotels and wedding halls are also busy on Friday, 11.11.11 with thousands of wedding celebrations. Some are even planning their first child to be born on 12.12.12! Congratulations to all.