Maxim Khalil Admits Cheating on His Wife

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Maxim Khalil Admits Cheating on His Wife
Wed 25-12-2013

Syrian actor Maxim Khalil was recently on Al Khazna show hosted by Amir Karara, when admitted that he has cheated on his first wife Yara Khalil before she cheated on him.

He also explained that they were very young when they got married and that their marriage was a mistake.

Maxim also said that he couldn't handle being married and all the responsibilities that came with marriage, even though his son Hani is the best thing he got out of this marriage.

Maxim Khalil explained he was tempted to get married at a young age after his father died and his family fell apart, so he decided to start his own family and though it was a good decision at the time.

He also said he is very happy with his marriage to Sawsan Arsheed, who is also a Syrian actress.