McDonald's Wedding Take Over Hong Kong

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McDonald's Wedding Take Over Hong Kong
Fri 18-07-2014

Hamburger lovers are celebrating their weddings at McDonald's and they're loving it!

CNBC revealed this week that McDonald’s wedding parties are so popular in Hong Kong that the fast food empire has a dedicated wedding service there, available in 15 venues.

Customers can choose from four different wedding packages, the most expensive offering include a pair of “McDonald's balloon wedding rings", “character gifts” for up to 50 guests and a McDonald's apple pie display.

McDonald's spokeswoman Jessica Lee said that the program, which started in 2011, had been launched "because many customers tell us that McDonald's is where they first started dating... McDonald's is where their love stories grew."

“This connection is exactly why they want to hold their wedding parties and even anniversary parties at McDonald's—to relive sweet beginnings and bring their romantic story full circle."

A spokesman for McDonald's said that it had no plans to roll out the service in other countries, but Hong Kong is not the only place that has witnessed nuptials among the chicken nuggets.

Last year, a couple from Bristol made headlines when they held their wedding reception at a McDonald’s they ate in twice a week. 

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Source: Telegraph