Meet the Photographer of Kate and William's Royal Wedding!

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Meet the Photographer of Kate and William's Royal Wedding!
Wed 11-04-2012

Bang Showbiz has interviewed Hugo Burnand, the photographer of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.

The photographer had previously worked with the Royal Family, when he was the photographer of Prince Charles and Camilla's wedding, but didn't expect to get this opportunity again.

This is what Hugo had to say: "I had done the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla and although I knew that in no way meant I would automatically get Prince William and Catherine's wedding it meant that I would be one of the photographers on their list."

"There was a discussion and when I did get offered the job I was thrilled, incredibly honored and it was amazing to be asked."

'"There are not many photographers who have photographed the weddings of two future kings; I think it was a first actually."

The royal family became aware of Hugo's work from Camilla's sister Lady Annabel Elliot, whom he had photographed before.


"Annabel introduced us and I did a private picture of her and then through the relationship we already had she invited me to photograph her wedding." Hugo said.