Megan Fox Hiring a Babysitter to Avoid Divorce!

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Megan Fox Hiring a Babysitter to Avoid Divorce!
Thu 20-12-2012

Megan Fox is being criticized by her fans over her parenting methods. Why?
The actress decided to hire a night nurse to help her with her newborn baby from husband Brian Austin Green.

Megan Fox recently appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" where she spoke about the unexpected challenges that she has faced as a first-time mom.

The 26 year old then went on to explain that she eventually hired a night nurse to ensure that she is well rested.

"I had no idea how difficult babies could be, so Brian and I were exhausted," Fox told Leno. "I said to Brian, 'we have to get a night nurse or we're going to get a divorce because someone's got to sleep in this house or we're going to kill each other.'"

The beautiful actress admitted that while she had initially attempted to care for her newborn by herself, the challenge proved to be too much, forcing her to employ hired help.

"Having an infant is difficult. It's a lot of work and I didn't hire any help because I overestimated my own abilities," she explained.

Critics flocked to social networking site Twitter, where an overwhelming majority slammed Megan Fox over her candid statements about employing a nurse and divorce.
"Megan Fox hired a night nurse post-pregnancy so she could sleep. Stupid self-obsessed celebrities! Try being an actual mother" Bex tweeted.

"Megan Fox NEEDED a night nurse b/c 'her baby doesn't sleep at night+she would divorce without it.' It's called EVERYONE ELSE'S LIFE, Megan," Kristin Fleck tweeted.

"Megan Fox hires a night nurse so she can sleep... That's cheating," Danielle Fairbank tweeted.