Mercy Mission: Helps Muslims Get Married

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Mercy Mission: Helps Muslims Get Married
Tue 01-07-2014

If you are a Muslim and interested in settling down but have difficulty finding a suitable spouse, you may want to turn to Mercy Mission to help you find a match.

They have something they call a “Marriage Facilitation Ceremony”, which is basically a matchmaking service and it is free.

“We know so many Muslims in the community who don’t know how to find a marriage partner because she has a degree or a PhD and can’t find someone of her level,” says Sajid Husain, who is the country head of Mercy Mission in Malaysia.

How it works is that the men and women send in their profiles but no personal details are exchanged. The men form a semi-circle and the women form a separate semi-circle and they each have a badge with a number.

Sajid says there is a facilitator who asks the questions.

“They will ask questions like ‘Sister 69, would you live with your mother-in-law?’ ‘Brother, what about you?’ ‘How important is money to you and why?’

“The conversation is not with each other but through a facilitator. You are talking to a facilitator. We don’t want free mixing of the sexes,” he says of the matchmaking process.

“It is a thorough understanding of what people are looking for in the 21st century in a life partner and also the issues they are having and the mindset and mentality,” Sajid says.

Once the questions are done, the participants are requested to write down their number and the number of the person who has caught their attention.

“Our team will go through this and see if they have perfect matches. If, say, brother ‘T9’ likes sister ‘A5’ and she too likes him, we will then contact them to say they’ve got a match and invite them to our office or the local mosque to meet each other if they want to take it further.”

“I have been getting a lot of invitations for weddings and sometimes I have no idea whose wedding it is. Many of the couples have found their match this way and are now happily married.”