Mick Jagger's Love Letters Sold in Auction for $300,000

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Mick Jagger's Love Letters Sold in Auction for $300,000
Sat 15-12-2012

A collection of love letters written by Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger to American singer Marsha Hunt, were sold on Wednesday for $301,000! 

The 10 letters are believed to be the inspiration for the band's hit single "Brown Sugar."

The letters are from the summer of 1969.

According to the auctioneer. "The passage of time has given these letters a place in our cultural history," Hunt said after the London sale. "1969 saw the ebbing of a crucial, revolutionary era, highly influenced by such artists as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, James Brown and Bob Dylan. "Their inner thoughts should not be the property of only their families, but the public at large, to reveal who these influential artists were - not as commercial images, but their private selves."

Marsha Hunt, with whom Jagger had his first child, Karis, told Britain's Guardian newspaper last month that she was selling the letters, written in July and August 1969, because she had been unable to pay her bills. "I'm broke," Marsha Hunt, who lives in France, told the newspaper. J

Mick Jagger wrote them to Hunt while filming the Tony Richardson movie "Ned Kelly" in Australia.

He who wrote about the poetry of Emily Dickinson, meeting author Christopher Isherwood and an unrealized multimedia project.

Marsha Hunt says she was the inspiration for Brown Sugar, which Jagger wrote while in Australia.