Is Miley Cyrus Planning a Wedding to Ex-Fiance Liam Hemsworth?

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Is Miley Cyrus Planning a Wedding to Ex-Fiance Liam Hemsworth?
Fri 15-05-2015

Miley Cyrus is newly single, and so hung-up on her former love, Liam Hemsworth, that she’s telling friends she’s planning their wedding, a new report claims!

Ending things with Patrick Schwarzenegger, hasn’t put a damper on Miley Cyrus' plans for romance.

In fact, she’s jumped right back into things, and is even reportedly planning a wedding to her ex-fiance, Liam Hemsworth!

"Miley went from telling her friends she wanted to take it slow with Liam to telling them she’s planning a wedding," Life & Style reports.

"Miley never stopped loving him, and held out hope that they would get back together."

Just after the 22-year-old split from Patrick in April, she was spotted on a dinner date with Liam, and even learned that they’d actually been texting throughout her entire relationship with the USC student.

But even though Liam was happy to be there for Miley as a source of emotional comfort after her breakup, he’s not anywhere near wanting to walk down the aisle. “They’re not on the same page at all,” the mag’s source says. “She’s ready for him to propose again and he thinks they’re just hooking up.”

If Miley wants to be with Liam instead of Patrick, though, she’s going to have to work on toning down her wild behavior.

“He would never have put up with the behavior Patrick did,” Life & Style reports. “Liam is happy Miley is such a free spirit. But if she thinks he’ll marry her, she’s delusional.”

Source: HollywoodLife