More than 120 Thousand Divorce Cases in Turkey in 2012

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More than 120 Thousand Divorce Cases in Turkey in 2012
Thu 13-12-2012

A Turkish study showed that there were more than 120 thousand divorce cases in Turkey in the past year.

The news agency quoted 'Anatolia' Turkish study of the Law Society and Turkish life that 120 thousand and 117 divorces in Turkey recorded last year, compared with 592 thousand and 775 marriages.

The study showed that prepared according to figures Foundation Turkish Statistical (Tercstadt) that incompatibility between the spouses is the main reason for divorce in Turkey last year, noting that 40% of divorce cases was in the past 5 first marriage, and 24% after year sixteenth of marriage .

The study revealed that 20% of men and 22% of divorced women age ranges between 30 and 34 years, in the form of men aged over fifty-fourth session of the Age 8 'divorced.

The study showed that most men and women who divorced were graduated from secondary school, while the percentage of illiterate women divorced 2%, and the proportion of graduates of primary education 3%.