More Details on Mark Zuckerberg's Wedding!

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More Details on Mark Zuckerberg's Wedding!
Mon 28-05-2012

More details are being revealed about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's wedding to girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

According to reports, the wedding took place at the couple's $7 million home in Palo Alto; just one day after Facebook went public and was valued at more than $100 billion!

How does the couple manage to spend time together with their busy schedule? Well Priscilla required Zuckerberg to spend at least 100 minutes together each week, a one date night, and 2 weeks' vacation each year.

Priscilla had bought her wedding dress seven months before the wedding, a $4,700 dress from Claire Pettibone.

Zuckerberg gave his bride a $25,000 ruby ring, with 2 diamonds on each side.

She walked down the aisle with their Hungarian sheepdog "Beast".




The guests enjoyed some sushi, and Mexican food, the Mexican entrees cost $7.50 for each person.

They also enjoyed chocolate mice from the chocolatier L.A Burdick, which the couple had on their first date.




Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day performed his song "Last Night on Earth" for the couple's first dance.

Other songs from Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, and Flo Rida were also played at the wedding.

The couple has not yet announced their honeymoon plans, but the New York Times reported that they will be going to Peru later this year.




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