More Pictures and Details Of Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer’s Lavish Wedding

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More Pictures and Details Of Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer’s Lavish Wedding
Mon 17-08-2015

Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer had a lavish wedding that involved helicopters, a jet and luxury sports cars and motorcycles!

“The police were quite good, we had told everyone. Salim’s that type of person he likes to enjoy himself and give others that kind of experience as well,” his groomsman Ibrahim Azam said.

“It’s like buying a nice car. You can enjoy it by yourself but if you’ve got company it’s more enjoyable.”

Police were seething they had not been told of the event and had to deploy more than a dozen police to monitor the wedding.

Watch the pre-wedding video Mr. Salim Mehajer released before his wedding!

You can also watch the wedding video or Salim Mehajer here!

Residents were issued with a notice signed by a traffic control company warning them that anyone who parked in the street would have their car towed by police.

Mr Mehajer had no authority to issue the order after a development application for the street party was refused by Auburn Council.

“It had no wedding planners. We did it all ourselves. No one had done that before and it required a lot of effort and work." Ibrahim Azam said.

“When we set our minds to something we want to achieve it that’s why we didn’t have a wedding planner."

“I don’t think there is much to explain. The police were quite happy in regards to nothing really went wrong. It was quiet for that many people, that many cars. They were assisting us on the road. We had clean intentions. It wasn’t a fiasco, it was amazing.”


Mr Azam declined to explain where his friend, aged in his late 20s, had achieved his wealth. Mr Mehajer’s new home, bought for $565,000 in 2007 has a lift, marble stairs, an expensive water feature and fake grass on the nature strip.

“Development is very good. Whatever people think he is not that type of character,” Mr Azam said.

“He built this. Everything is designed by himself, it’s very nice. He’s put in a lot of work everything is about perfection and making people happy.”

More than 800 guests enjoyed the best reception money could buy at Lilyfield with a giant cake and a mountain of flowers.

“I think it’s already being called wedding of the century and it’s going to be a hard one to beat,” Mr Azam said.


The groomsmen was tight lipped on where the happy couple were enjoying their first day as man and wife.

“I’m just going to let them rest up. I am sure they’re very, very happy,” Mr Azam said.

Mr Mehajer ran unsuccessfully for the NSW seat of Auburn as an independent in 2011 and works at Sydney Project Group as the general manager with several members of his family.


On its website the company says Mr Mehajer has contributed to many successful projects and is an expert in design and construction.

His father Mohammad Mehajer, also a developer, was sentenced to three and a half years jail in 2013 for being part of a conspiracy to defraud the National Australia Bank of $3 million.

Source: Herald Sun