More Updates on Salim Mehajer And His Wife

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More Updates on Salim Mehajer And His Wife
Wed 14-10-2015

Salim Mehajer, Auburn's controversial deputy mayor, and his new wife Aysha have thrown open the doors of their lavish multimillion-dollar Sydney home for a glossy women's magazine, as Mrs Mehajer declared: "Money is not important to me."

Among the extravagances on show at their swanky pad on Frances Street in Lidcombe are an indoor fountain, illuminated marble staircase, a "moss-clad outdoor sauna", 10 luxury cars in a vast underground garage, a cinema room and a sports bar entertaining area.

Their surname is also displayed above a water feature that spills into their backyard pool.

Salim Mehajer and wife Aysha as they appear in the October 19 edition of New Idea.

The newlyweds pose for numerous photographs in the New Idea spread. In one photograph, Cr Mehajer is sitting at a white grand piano, while in another shot he appears to be wearing a velvet jacket and pair of designer slippers as he stares up adoringly at his wife.

But despite their ostentatious existence, Mrs Mehajer, 29, says money is immaterial.

"Money is not important to me. People can have millions and be completely miserable. What is important is to have something that's irreplaceable with somebody. And what Salim and I have is priceless," she said.

Salim Mehajer at a lectern, with his wife Aysha beside him, during his interview with Nine News. Photo: Channel Nine

The newlyweds were also urged to come clean about whether their pearly whites and chiselled cheekbones were the result of cosmetic surgery.

Mrs Mehajer, described in the article as a former senior lecturer in beauty therapy, dodged the question, simply saying: "I'm not going to go there."

Her husband, though, insisted that he hadn't gone under the knife.


"I take it as a compliment that people think I've had work done, to be honest," Cr Mehajer told New Idea.

"Do you want to see my eyebrows and teeth 20 years ago?" he asked, before the magazine said he flourished a photo as evidence that he had had nothing done.

Mrs Mehajer backed up her husband's claims, saying he had a "great cleansing and moisturising routine".

Aysha Mehajer in 2009 when she worked at beauty salons in the Illawarra and went by the name April Learmonth. 

Cr Mehajer appeared to announce his prime ministerial ambitions last week during a bizarre television interview, in which he requested a lectern to address a lone reporter, with a single Nine News microphone in front of him.

He is facing an intimidation charge for allegedly threatening Bruce Herat, the father of Lindt cafe siege survivor Joel Herat, outside a Burwood gym last month. 

Mr Mehajer was also been served with a personal violence order over the incident, and will appear in court next month. He has denied the allegations against him.