More Wedding Rumors For Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

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More Wedding Rumors For Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart
Tue 17-11-2015

Are Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart planning their wedding?

According to a source, the couple are planning their wedding at Casper's family estate in Mexico.

According to Radar Online, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart visited the dancer's grandmother in Ensenada, Mexico and apparently, they realized that the location would be perfect for a private wedding.

"Everyone in Casper's family adores Jennifer, and her kids absolutely adore Casper," the alleged source told Radar.

According to Life & Style magazine, per Classicalite, Ben Affleck's ex, Jennifer Lopez, is all set to have a wedding with long-time boyfriend, and backup dancer, Casper Smart.

"She can't wait to marry Casper. Once she figures everything out, she'll set a new date," the source claimed. "Guests will experience the wedding of a lifetime. She wants the reception to be whimsical but fierce...So there will be Cirque du Soleil performers, white tigers and fireworks!"

If indeed Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart's wedding will push through, it would be the fourth of the "Boy Next Door" actress.

Her first marriage was to Ojani Noa in 1997 but they divorced in less than a year. Jennifer Lopez next tied the knot with dancer Chris Judd but they split after two years. Afterwards, she had a huge wedding with Marc Anthony and that union lasted 10 years.

Jennifer Lopez was also engaged for a time with Ben Affleck, who recently divorced from Jennifer Garner, but split before they could tie the knot in 2003.