Moroccan Married Minister Asks for Hand of His Colleague

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Moroccan Married Minister Asks for Hand of His Colleague
Thu 16-04-2015

In a move that is likely to raise eyebrows both in Morocco and abroad, a Moroccan Minister who is already married has officially asked for the hand of one of his colleagues in the government.

According to Moroccan newspaper Akbar Al Youm, Habib Choubani, Minister Delegate in Charge of Relations between Parliament and Civil Society, asked for the hand of Soumia Benkhaldoun, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Executive Training.

In recent weeks, Hamid Chabat, the leader of the opposition Istiqlal party, said that a Minister he described as a “womanizer” had a romance with another Minister in the government. Chabat accused the Minister, whose name he did not reveal, of causing his colleague’s divorce.

A few days after these accusations were made public, Soumia Benkhaldoun released a statement on her Facebook page that allegations made by Chabat were “false” and constituted a “flagrant violation of the ethics of Islam, the traditions of the Moroccan people, with regards to the sanctity of families, and the private lives of individuals.”

The Minister added that she got divorced over a year ago and that Minister Choubani “had nothing to do” with it.

Source: Morocco World News