The Most Expensive Engagement Cake Costs $106 Million

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The Most Expensive Engagement Cake Costs $106 Million
Fri 11-09-2015

A Father in the UAE took delivery of the cake encrusted with 4000 diamonds made for his daughter’s birthday and engagement party.

Nearly two metres long, the cake is in the style of a catwalk. The confectionary guests are dressed in the haute couture styles (edible) of the cake’s creator, 33-year-old former fashion designer Debbie Wingham.

It weighs in at 450kg. More than 180kg of that is icing and modelling chocolate. Wingham spent some 1100 hours crafting it, but even at her rate, there’s a serious shortfall in that $106 million to be made up.

Those rocks alone are valued at $65 million. There’s roughly another 3400 stones scattered through the cake, including amethyst and emeralds.

The client will remain anonymous. Wingham was commissioned for the piece under a strict NDA.