Murderer in Sharjah Stabs Wife to Death

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Murderer in Sharjah Stabs Wife to Death
Wed 06-02-2013

According to Emirates 24/7, a passerby near the Industrial Area has found a dead body and notified the police.

The Sharjah Police have arrested the man, an Afghan national who murdered his wife and disposed her body in a sandy area near the Sharjah Industrial area.

The woman, is in her 20s, and was found with multiple stab wounds to various parts of her body.

The man confessed that he killed his wife out of jealousy and accused her of illicit affairs with other men.

He contacted her and told her to come and meet him at Industrial Area No 8 so that he could give her some money. When she came he attacked her and stabbed her several times killing her.

When asked for his marriage contract, he said that he didn’t have a legal marriage certificate and that their marriage was a verbal contract.

Based on his confession the suspect is currently detained and will be referred to the Public Prosecution.