Myriam Fares Speaks of Her Husband for the First Time

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Myriam Fares Speaks of Her Husband for the First Time
Fri 02-01-2015

Myriam Fares shared the story of how she and her husband met on the Lebanese TV show Al Mutaham.

Fans were shocked when the Lebanese beauty dropped the Facebook bomb that she was on her honeymoon and showed a picture of her and her then elusive man's blinged up hands.

Details have slowly been released that her husband is an American businessman of Lebanese origin named Danny Metri. 

Myriam revealed that she had met Danny ten years ago and said, "At first he tried to approach me and talk to me but was unable and two years later we met again and we were able to converse. He was a real gentleman and very respectable during our conversation and after our talk he asked for my number and I gave him my mother's number since he was a strange man that I did not know too well."

Myriam added, "As time passed we became good friends and he also became close to me and my family. He had told me that from the first moment he had seen me he had decided I was the woman he wanted to marry in the future and this is what he kept saying to those close to him." Myriam said their relationship grew from friendship to love and they became a very serious couple.

Myriam denied the big rumor that she is with child and said, "I am not pregnant, but for sure it is something I dream of."

"The most thing I love about Danny is that he is very understanding and a positive person," she shared.

The star also revealed that only 14 people were at her wedding, from close friends and relatives.