Najwa Karam Reveals She Is In Love

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Najwa Karam Reveals She Is In Love
Fri 16-01-2015

Lebanese diva Najwa Karam was recently a guest on the show "Al Hokm" hosted by Wafaa Al Kilani.

Najwa spoke of her beginning as a singer and star, she also spoke about her love life.

She explained that being famous and her career have nothing to do with her not being in a relationship.

Najwa Karam also revealed that she is currently in love with someone! She also explained that she doesn't mind marrying a man 10 years younger than her, as is the case with her current partner, who is younger than her.

She also admitted that she would not mind adopting a child with her partner, and was ready to do this on her own but her father did not approve of this and asked her to get married and have a child of her own.