Napoleon’s Wedding Certificate Fetches $563,700

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Napoleon’s Wedding Certificate Fetches $563,700
Thu 25-09-2014

The Musée des Lettres et Manuscrits (Museum of Letters and Manuscripts) purchased Napoleon and Josephine’s marriage certificate at auction.

The Local reported. The four-page document went for a staggering €437,500 ($563,700).

The marriage document, which is dated March 8th, 1796 (the day before the actual wedding ceremony), was signed by Napoleon I and Marie Josephe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie, or Josephine, the Vicomtesse de Beauharnais.

The certificate states that the couple will, “in no way be responsible for the debts and mortgages of the other,” and that they will have “no common property” between them. The marriage was annulled in 1810, after they were unable to have children.The second original marriage certificate is on display in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

The marriage certificate is expected to go on display at the museum in November.