Natalie Portman Plays Runaway Bride in New Dior Ad

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Natalie Portman Plays Runaway Bride in New Dior Ad
Mon 09-02-2015

In an attractive new Miss Dior spot, Natalie Portman outdoes Julia Roberts' runaway bride by nabbing a helicopter after she ditches her groom at the altar. Portman's escape, soundtracked by Janis Joplin's epic "Piece of My Heart," has the actress running barefoot and shedding her handmade gown. 

Director Anton Corbijn, known for A Most Wanted Man, tells People magazine that his vision of Miss Dior was a feminist one.

"It's interesting to see that these women are kind of worshiped by men, projecting what men want to see, and yet they say they are feminists," he said. "For me it's still coming from a man's perspective. The great thing about Janis Joplin, for instance, is that the female perspective prevails."

He notes that the team behind the spot was careful with the song choice. "It took a long time to find the music, and this choice seemed to fit perfectly from all angles, including the song's meaning," he says. 

Now, back to the gown: It took 600 hours to make and consists of hundreds of hand-cut fabric flowers which were dyed into shades of pink and white to create an ombré effect. 

Source:Ad Week