Nelly Karim Thanks Husband For Worst 11 Years

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Nelly Karim Thanks Husband For Worst 11 Years
Wed 09-12-2015

Egyptian actress Nelly Karim was recently on the show 100 Questions on Al Hayat TV.

Nelly Karim did not keep anything a secret and answered every question very honestly.

Nelly of course was asked about her recent divorce from her husband Hani Abu Al Naja, and what she has to say after he commented on their divorce. Read here!

Nelly honestly said that she does not care about what he had said and the only thing she cares about are her children.

Nelly Karim sarcastically thanked her ex husband for the 11 years that she had to endure with him, which made her able to act better and perform the roles she was given of someone suffering.

The actress also revealed that she got married when she was 16, and her mother did not agree on her marriage, and shortly after Nelly regretted her decision and endured 11 years hoping that maybe their relationship will get better.