Nesreen Tafesh Responds to Dima Bayaa Accusations

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Nesreen Tafesh Responds to Dima Bayaa Accusations
Mon 04-08-2014

Syrian actress Dima Bayaa was recently on the TV show "Wala Tehlam" hosted by Nishan, where she talked about her husband, Taim Hassan's affair with Syrian actress Nesreen Tafesh.

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After Dima's confessions, Nesreen Tafesh appeared on "B Beirut" show hosted by Bilal Al Arabi, and spoke about Dima's accusations.

Nesreen explained that the accusations are false and that her religion and upbringing will never allow her to do such a thing.

She also denied that she was close friends with Dima Bayaa as Dima claimed during "Wala Tehlam".

Nesreen Tafesh also explained that she met Taim Hassan when she joined the set of "Al Ekhwa" series, and that Taim Hassan contacted her and told her that he respects her and he appreciates her not responding to Dima Bayaa's false accusations.

She also told Bilal Al Arabi that if Dima keeps on complaining about her in public she will take the issue to court.