The Net Cost Of Sofia Vergara's Wedding Plans

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The Net Cost Of Sofia Vergara's Wedding Plans
Mon 10-08-2015

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are in line to make millions off their celebrity wedding. According to the latest gossip news updates, big names in their marriage business are looking to get their wares into the Modern Family star's wedding at almost any cost and are literally paying the pair for the pleasure of being included in their big day.

It's said, that all told, Sofia and Joe could be adding anywhere from $3 to $10 million to their combined net worth before the sun winds up going down on their "I do's."

During a recent interview with E! News, Sofia joked that this time around she made sure to share the burden with a professional, especially since she knows everyone will really only be showing up to look at Manganiello.

"We're already planning."

"The good thing is that nowadays you can hire someone to help you and I have a great planner that is taking a lot of the stress away."

"[Joe] can't be any hotter...I'm just an old drag queen."

One source in the latest August 10, issue of Life & Style explains that in addition to setting out on spending the rest of their lives together, So Joe's wedding is going to be a great opportunity for the newlyweds to pocket a few million dollars in the process:

"They're poised to make at least $3 million minimum from their wedding day alone...They could even make upwards of $10 million."

"It's every brand's dream to be featured as a verdure at their wedding."

"The whole world will want to know every last detail about their day...From what dress Sofia wore, to what tux Joe wore, the champagne, the flowers, the food and more."

According to the insider, at this point the wedding plans have as much to do with how much they can make than they do with anything else:

"Sofia and Joe's wedding day will be a gold mine -- and they know it!"