New facts About HRH Prince Hamzah's Fiancé!

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New facts About HRH Prince Hamzah's Fiancé!
Thu 12-01-2012

After the news of HRH Prince Hamzah's engagement, everyone was curious about his fiancé! so we digged deeper and found some interesting details about Basma Al-Atoum. 

Ms. Basma Mahmoud Al-Atoum, 26 years old, was born in Canada, where she got her BA degree in Management. She practiced the art of aviation as a hobby in Canada, before moving to Jordan in 2005.

She then joined The Middle East Aviation Academy in Amman to obtain her flight instructor license. In 2007 Basma joined Ayla Aviation Academy, based in Aqaba. She met HRH Prince Hamzah, 4 years ago, when she was training him in Wadi Rum.

Captain Basma Al-Atoum has 2 siblings, a brother and a sister who both live in Canada. Basma's father moved to Canada when he was only 18 years old. The Captain is said to have a strong character, sociable, and close to the heart. She is very active in voluntarily and social work. She also has a special interest in humanitarian issues.      

She is the only woman in the Arab World that carries the license to practice dangerous tricks in the air.

The official announcement of their engagement by the Royal Court is expected in the next 24 hours.

Congratulation to HRH Prince Hamzah and his fiancé! 

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