New Law Grants 5 Days of Paid Marriage Leave for Saudi Citizens

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New Law Grants 5 Days of Paid Marriage Leave for Saudi Citizens
Mon 12-10-2015

The Saudi Ministry of Labor has announced that starting October 18th, 2015 the official marriage leave will be a 5 day paid leave instead of 3.

The new amended labor regulations included in 38 articles, stated the implications of the labor market system, and a variety of materials related to training, rehabilitation and resettlement and other privileges, and materials linked to a contract of employment, and the other related to the employment of women and mechanisms of inspection.

As for women, the new amended labor regulations will be more sensitive to her privacy by providing a safe and stable working environment, as one of the paragraphs banned work in the professions of dangerous or harmful acts, while the Ministry of Labour in mind these new amendments to the multiplicity of cultures and religions for workers and workers in the Kingdom, through the granting of rights of women Muslim and non-Muslim to leave the situation and pregnancy and the death of the husband.

The new system grants five days marriage leave with pay.