New TV Show: "Married At First Sight"

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New TV Show: "Married At First Sight"
Thu 24-07-2014

A new TV show is getting a lot of attention these days! "Married At First Sight" is a social experiment that has major life changes.

Six people get coupled up and walk down the isle. They’ve never met, their friends haven’t met, they don’t know each other’s names and they won’t until they are saying "I do"!

The couples do not get to meet or even see each other before getting married. It's a blind arranged marriage.

Last week, the three couples finished saying their vows, having anxiety attacks and started to enjoy their new lives.

But not everyone was thrilled with the person the panel of experts picked for them.

Dr. Joseph Cilona, matches soulmates on the reality show: "It was very important to me to assess each potential participant’s insight into themselves with regard to their past relationships, their needs in romantic relationships, their interpersonal style in romantic relationships, and their level of insight into what worked and what didn’t work in their previous relationships and why."

While plenty of programs end with an engagement, “Married At First Sight” starts off with marriage.

Source: Ib Times