New Updates in Ahmad Ezz and Zeina Trial

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New Updates in Ahmad Ezz and Zeina Trial
Sat 29-03-2014

There was a new witness on the stand this week and his testimony did not work in Ezz’s favor not one bit.

Hani, a good friend of the actor’s, told the court that Zeina and the former did in fact  get secretly married in Egypt. He added that at the time, they were  planning on making the marriage public in the near future.

He added that Zeina had sent Ahmad Ezz countless messages in the attempt to resolve their problems, which Hani tried to do on numerous occasions as well.

As for the twins, who Zeina gave birth to in the US and Ahmad Ezz deny as his, Hani said that he’d pleaded with his friend to have a paternity test done before things went public, but to no avail.

Hani added that at first, Ahmad Ezz promised to get a DNA test done in the US with Zeina, but suddenly backed out using the excuse that his mother’s illness is taking up all his time. He had also refused to get tested in Egypt at the time.

Another concern of Ezz’s, according to Hani, was the financial obligations he would be attached to if he were to confirm that the twins are really his.