Nicki Minaj's Tweet Starts Marriage Rumors

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Nicki Minaj's Tweet Starts Marriage Rumors
Tue 29-12-2015

Nicki Minaj surprised fans Sunday afternoon when she delivered yet another cryptic tweet to her 20 million plus followers. Out of the blue, the rapper asked fans to "RT for beach wedding. Fave for church wedding."

And with a few simple words, followers went crazy speculating that a marriage between Nicki and Meek Mill really may be happening sooner rather than later.

In less than four hours, close to 12,000 fans recommended a ceremony along the coast. In comparison, another 9,000 thought a church would be the perfect venue for such a special day.

So, is the 33-year-old simply playing around with her fans or is there really a wedding happening soon?

Earlier this month, Meek impressed his lady with a diamond ring.

"He and I are not engaged," she shared with the publication. "But he said he would like to give me three rings before we get married."

While a source confirmed to E! News back in April that the duo is in fact engaged, the one thing crystal clear is that there is nothing but love between the pair.

Source: E!