No Drama Between Kim Kardashian and Brody Jenner

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No Drama Between Kim Kardashian and Brody Jenner
Fri 18-07-2014

When Brody Jenner attended the wedding of Kim Kardashian's ex Reggie Bush, the media started all kinds of rumors and drama.

Brody also skipped out on Kim's wedding to Kanye West, and he's her step-brother.

But Brody Jenner explains that there was literally no drama at all.

"It's kinda ridiculous that everybody's making such a big deal out of it," Brody Jenner told Us Weekly.

"Reggie's been a friend of mine for a very long time so I went to his wedding. It's all good."

He then explained why he had to skip out on his stepsister's wedding:

"Kim's was in Paris. I was working. Kim's was in Paris-it's as simple as that." 

"Kim couldn't care less about Brody going to Reggie's wedding. Brody has been friends with Reggie since Kim introduced them many years ago" a source said.