A Non Traditional Marriage Proposal in Jordan

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A Non Traditional Marriage Proposal in Jordan
Tue 20-05-2014

An American tourist in Jordan decided to have a surprise wedding and marriage proposal to his girlfriend.

The young man called Laura Rihani the CEO and Founder of Discover Jordan Tours, and asked her to help him plan the surprise when they come to Jordan and visit Wadi Rum.

He also invited both their families who didn't know about the surprise as well.

Laura Rihani commented: "The planning was very tiring, as we couldn't hide the arrangements and everything in the dessert without anyone noticing. We had to put the tents and arrangements in the company cars. Once the couple and their families went on their hot air balloon ride which takes about 2 hours, we spread a large banner with "Marti My Princess, Will You Marry Me?". We had to put up the tents and arrangements, and traditional Jordanian foods very quickly. and once they landed, Marti read the banner and everyone was very happy."