Nujood Ali: Yemen's Youngest Divorcee is 10 Years Old

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Nujood Ali: Yemen's Youngest Divorcee is 10 Years Old
Wed 13-03-2013

Nujood Ali, the author of "I am Nujood, aged 10 and Divorced" is now the world's youngest divorcee! The book was ghostwritten by Delphine Minoui and published in France. It was translated into 16 languages and sold in 35 countries.

Nujood's ordeal began when she was married off by her father at 9, for a dowry of a little more than $750. 2 months later, during a visit back to her family home, she ran away and asked court for a divorce on grounds of abuse.

It's been 5 years since Nujood Ali became known as the world's youngest divorcee after escaping the man who bought her as a child bride aged 9.

According to The Guardian, the royalties from "I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced" were supposed to pay for the girl's schooling and allow her to follow her ambition to become a lawyer. Instead, Nujood says, the money has been squandered by her father, who has now sold her younger sister to a man twice her age!


"I won't let it happen to her," Nujood says. "I will speak to as many journalists and lawyers as possible about this. It is illegal."

"My father has spent all the money on getting married twice again," she says.

"I've been asked to leave and have to stay in my older brother's cramped house."

Publishers "Michel Lafon" agreed to pay her father, Ali Mohammed al-Ahdel, $1,000 a month until she was 18 to support her upbringing. It also bought a large house for the family in Sana'a, and set up a fund paid directly to a school for her education.

Now 15, she still finds it difficult to talk about her marriage and ex-husband. "He now has 4 wives, 14 children and learnt nothing from my experience. He gives me between $20 and $30 a month for pocket money.

Nujood still wishes to study in England and become a lawyer.