Nurse Falls in Love with Patient in Coma

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Nurse Falls in Love with Patient in Coma
Sun 31-03-2013

Nate Lytle was in a coma following an accident; he fell of a 3 meter ladder while working for his father’s industrial supply company.
In the fall, he’d fractured his skull hitting a thick metal pole, pushing pieces of bone into his brain, which had caused heavy internal bleeding.

Brianna said: “Although I didn’t know Nate, his story touched me.”

Nate was on life support after he slipped into a coma.

“I ended up visiting him as often as I could, slipping to his bedside when it wasn’t visiting hours so I wouldn’t disturb his family. I took a seat by his bed and prayed for him as he lay unconscious. Amazingly, Nate didn’t die, but started improving with every day. The doctors said they were witnessing a miracle.”

“After a few weeks Nate was transferred from ICU to my ward, and I became one of the 3 nurses assigned to him. I was pleased now I could look after him and help make him better. I loved looking after him.”

“ One day, as I was taking the staples out of his head, he suddenly woke up and looked straight at me.”

Nate was transferred to a larger rehabilitation hospital as he was progressing fast.

“Finally, two months later, Dustin and Jen told me he had been discharged. I heard there was going to be a benefit event held in his honor, and I wanted to help somehow.”
“The following Thursday I got a call from Jen inviting me to dinner. Nate was going to be there.”
“When I arrived, Nate came over and gave me a big hug, stuttering out his words.”

“That’s you, that’s you,” he said. “The girl with the teeth and the eyes. I thought you were an angel. You are, but you’re real!” I didn’t know what to say to that, and I was embarrassed, being really shy. “I’m just glad you are OK,” I told him.

“And then on Valentine’s Day he handed me 25 notes. “I want you to open one every day we’re together,” he said"

“As I reached for the last note in my bag and was about to read it, Nate got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. The note I had in my hand read: “I love you, will you marry me?” I didn’t hesitate.”

Nate is now almost completely recovered and leads surf camps for blind, disabled or autistic children. He has recently written a book about their story, and travels around speaking to different groups giving them hope.