Obama’s Wedding Registry and Fund Raising Fails!

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Obama’s Wedding Registry and Fund Raising Fails!
Tue 17-07-2012

President Obama's campaign launched an event registry in June asking brides to request campaign donations from wedding guests.
"It’s a gift that we can all appreciate and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl," said campaign staffer Laura Wilson while announcing the initiative.
But wedding industry professionals called the ploy tasteless and absurd.
Brides have not taken to the idea of asking their guests to give money to Obama's campaign, with some calling the ploy 'tacky'!
One online user wrote on the registry's message board, "Is this what the office of the President of the United States has come to? Pandering for wedding and birthday money?"
However, Carol Campanella, with Fabulous Weddings New York, said she believes many politically motivated couples wouldn't mind the idea.