Olivia Palermo Engaged to Johannes Huebl

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Olivia Palermo Engaged to Johannes Huebl
Fri 03-01-2014

Olivia Palermo is engaged to boyfriend Johannes Huebl.

"Happy New Year to everybody and this is how we celebrate it: OP said YES," the groom-to-be wrote on Instagram. The bride-to-be happily showed off her rock from her German model boyfriend on the couple’s Instagram video.

Palermo, who is a big fashionista, model, designer and fashion blogger has a lot of fans looking forward to seeing what she chooses for her wedding day dress.

The couple has been dating since 2008, and Olivia Palermo attributes the success of their relationship to mutual love and respect for each other. Her boyfriend adds that they have an "old romantic approach to love."

"I think that we grow together. I think that I’m constantly learning, and we're both eager to learn about not only each other, but our interests," she told Elle Magazine.