One Month of Marriage Costs Emirati Man 1 Million Dirhams

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One Month of Marriage Costs Emirati Man 1 Million Dirhams
Tue 04-03-2014

A married Emirati businessman who had a second wife after she rejected his bid for a relationship ended up paying Dh1 million,($272,257) a luxury car and an apartment just a month after he divorced her, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The unnamed man, who already has a national wife and children, met the new Arab woman and decided to have an affair with her, but she insisted that he marries her.

Although he quickly agreed, she again insisted on having guarantees that he would not abandon her since he is married.

Her conditions were that he must give her an apartment in her name at a freehold residential area in the UAE, a luxury car of her own choice and a post-dated cheque of Dh1 million to be paid in case he divorces her.

The man agreed to all her conditions and the couple traveled to the woman’s home country, where they married, according to the Arabic language daily Al Khaleej, which quoted civil court records in Abu Dhabi.

Just after their return to the UAE a few days later, she started to put pressure on him to divorce her in a bid to have the Dh1 million.

Angered by his refusal, she threatened to tell his wife and relatives about his marriage, but he still would not divorce the woman as he thought she was bluffing.

“Once he was with her and stopped his car to pray at a mosque. She picked his mobile phone and found his first wife’s number. She called her and told her about her husband’s second marriage and that she is his second wife,” the paper said.

It said that after a few days, the man decided to divorce that woman and filed a suit at the civil court to recover the car, the flat and the cheque.
“The court ruled in favor of the divorced woman and ordered the man to pay the money to his ex-wife. An appeals court upheld that sentence,” the paper said.

“It was a profitable deal as the marriage did not last one month,” it added without identify that woman.

Source: Emirates 24/7